Artificial Philodendron Tree, Spot Stems 135cm

Artificial Philodendron Tree, Spot Stems 135cm


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A very practical artificial philodendron tree with a spotted stems with exposed roots and 15 extendable leaves and high attention to information throughout. The pot is constructed of a resilient plastic and is weighted with concrete to offer the plant more stability. All the leaves are completely adjustable with wires running inside the plastic to permit these to be formed to fit your area. A black textured surface area can be seen in the pot to include additional realism to the style. Detailing on the leaves can be seen in the thin veins that go through them. Part of our series of practical artificial trees and plants. This plant is matched for indoor or restricted outdoor usage. If utilized outdoors we advise this plant is positioned in a protected location and safeguarded from severe conditions such as strong winds or frost as consistent direct exposure might cause their foliage being harmed. Any artificial plants utilized outdoors must remain in a location with enough ventilation to permit them to dry. The width and depth are approximate depending upon just how much the leaves are expanded. Measurements: W60cm x D50cm x H135cm. The pot width is 18 cm. The biggest leaf is 40cmx40cm.

Dimensions25 × 160 × 25 cm